Thursday, October 22, 2009

Build: Farstone Ruins

My home sim is Farstone, where I have a sandbox and some rentals.

A 1.5km2 parcel came up for sale, and I wanted to get it and add it to the prim pool. Also, one of the neighbors had just build a house with a Confederate flag flapping in the breeze, so I didn't want more of that. So what to do with the land?

Let it sit as flat green? Of course not.

Thus was born the Farstone Ruins. From the parcel description: "Once upon a time, this corner of Farstone was an outpost of a mighty kingdom. That was back before the sim was PG. They fought and died here for... some reason, I guess. Now a few ruins are all that remains."

The basic idea for this build has been echoed on a number of Arbor Project parcels that are big enough to sustain it. The build is really only about the landscaping. I might develop this, delve deeper, and learn the story of these ancient battlements, but for now it's just more pretty than flat green.

Teleport here:

Farstone Ruins

Farstone Ruins

Farstone Ruins

Same deal, but in Dewey, as an Arbor build... (Visit in person:

Dewey Ruins