Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Space Dome

Space Dome

Day 370: The small dome structure I've been living in has not been enough to sustain me. It keep me alive, but does not give me room. I can either be confined within this tiny survival dome or confined within my space suit outside. I have decided to add another, bigger room. I have given up being able to repair the ship after its crash, so I will scavenge some of the control room glass and engine room structures. I hope I am not making a mistake.

Day 483: I have completed work on the building, and pressure tests indicate it's liveable. I am so relieved. I was worried that my attempts to be artful would result in complete destruction, but all is well. I will be able to start living, rather than merely surviving.

Day 484: I am rescued. I can't stop laughing. The rescue crew thinks I have lost my mind, which, in a way, I might have. Glad to be going home, but wish I could take my new home with me.

I just listed the Space Dome on XStreetSL.

I built it for L1Aura Loire, who used it as part of a build at the Second Life 6th Birthday event.

One of the limitations of the SL6B event was that megaprims were forbidden. So this build could be made more prim-efficient, but Oh Well. It's still pretty low, at 36 prims with some degree of detail.

Note that it's taken me for-freakin'-ever to get this listed. :-)